Our Services

All pets travel in air conditioned vehicle whilst travelling on land in our pet transportation and during air travel are housed in a pressurized air conditioned compartment, just the same as people travel in, only it is quiet and dark and the animals can sleep.

All national and international flights are the most direct and comfort stops are arranged on long flights. The animals have water containers fitted in their crates and water is topped up between flights.

Whilst your pet is with Pet Fly they are treated as my own with every care taken and continued contact with owners your pets safety and comfort are guaranteed.

All international documents regarding their transport and quarantine arrangements are taken care of.

From the smallest puppy dog to the biggest cat , from mice to snakes we undertake Complete Care of  their Relocation.

We Cover all aspects of Travel including:

  • Pick up from home
  • All Necessary Vet work - Rabies - Test (RNATT) also conducted for EU and Other Countries.
  • AQIS Documentation
  • Booking of Flights and airline Charges
  • Transport Crates, Plastic or wooden ones made to size and IATA Standards
  • Boarding Facilities, short and long stay
  • Advice on Quarantine requirements in other countries
  • Lodging Pets at airport for flight
  • Consultation on Import/Export of your pet in/from India
  • Complete documentation on Import/Export of your pet  
  • Veterinarian on panel, henceforth assistance in Travel/Health Document of pets. 
  • All Pet related concerns taken care off under one roof.
  • Pick and Drop to / from the airport, Check-in
  • Airport Handling / Supervision / Inspection of pets
  • All services for payments to airlines / kennels / vet
  • Pet Boarding / Groming services
  • Custom Clearance / Expediter(IATA)
  • Rest assured-Pet Friendly Staff.
  • Chartered Planes (Domestic & International)
  • Avalibality of all Pet Travel Accessories - Fiber Crates, Crate bowls, labels etc.

As well as offering knowledgeable care and advice.


Our Transportation
We offer door-to-door pick-up and delivery services for boarding and grooming clients. Our Pet fly can also ship your pet anywhere in the world, handling all travel arrangements and paperwork. Pet fly is a registered and inspected intermediary pet handler.
Pet Fly facilitates the process with knowledge and expertise in flights, flight regulations, flight container requirements, pickup and delivery arrangements, quarantine, boarding, import and export arrangements and proper identification. 
  • As requirements, regulations and restrictions often change, our professionals stay abreast of  these details and make the necessary adjustments to your pet"s travel arrangements.
Pet Fly is proud to be a founding member of IPATA, The Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association. IPATA was founded in 1979 to provide professional, competent and caring pet transportation and relocation services throughout the US, Europe, Middle East , Asian Countries and around the world.
Domestic Transportation Services we provide

As our name suggests we specialise in flying pets. However for your convenience we offer road transportation as well.

We offer 4 basic levels of service;


  1. Airport to Airport
  2. Door to Door
  3. Airport to Door
  4. Door to Airport
This is how it works.

Airport to Airport is used when you have someone available at each end of the journey to take care of your pets. In this case you book the movement with us and we then book the flights and prepare the crates. You make the arrangements to deliver the pet(s) to the airport and collect them at the other end yourself.

Door to Door means that we collect the pets from your current address in a pet taxi, take them to the airport and lodge them on the flight. At the other end we collect them from the destination airport and deliver them to your new address in a pet taxi.

Airport to Door and Door to Airport are variations of the above when you need a pet taxi at one end but not the other.


If your pets need to be boarded at either end while you relocate we can organise this as well. Sometimes your  pets may need to be kennelled en-route because of flight timetables or the length of the flights. This applies particularly to movements to/from regional Western Australia.


At Petfly we try to give customers as much choice as possible. The crate your pet will be travelling is important  for the safety and comfort of your pet.

If you have your own crate you are welcome to use it. The more time the pet spends in it before the flight the more relaxed it will feel during the flight. If you plan to use your own crate remember it must be in good condition and be airline approved. The regulations change from time to time so we will need to verify with you that it meets current standards.

If you don"t have a crate then we give you the choice of buying one or hiring one of ours. We stock a full range to suit all types of animals. For smaller animals such as cats, small dogs, birds and reptiles it is very economical to purchase one. For large dogs it usually advisable to hire one unless you plan to fly your dog frequently.

International Transportation Services we provide
Sending your pet overseas can be a daunting and expensive experience.

Virtually each country in the world has different animal regulations and policies that need to be adhered to. The airlines also have a myriad of different rules and requirements. There are many things to consider but you will find Petfly  will guide you through the process and relieve the stress.

At Petfly  we are also very conscious of the cost. We put a lot of thought into each quote to ensure we find the most economical way of shipping your pets without compromising their comfort and safety. We also give owners the option of doing some of the steps themselves which can save you hundreds of dollars.

To prepare your quote we will need the following information:
  1. Where you pet is travelling to and from
  2. When you want your pet to travel
  3. What type of pet(s) you have including their age and weight
  4. For large dogs we will need their height (head to ground) and length (nose to base of tail)
  5. Whether you have started any veterinary checks that may be required
  6. If there are any steps you wish to undertake yourself (eg taking the dog to the vet or airport)
  7. Your contact phone number


The Pricing of services is variable depending upon the services opted and the Locations/ Destinations selected Worldwide and Domestically :-

a) Import Documentation
b) Import Clearance
c) Export Documentation
d) Health Certification
e) Crate/ Kennel Size Options
f) Transportation /Service Charges
g) Boarding Charges

For the same, please email us on : Info@petfly.in or  Call us on : +91-11-24113000 / +91-11-24113100


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