IATA Guidelines

Export Regulations:-

Taking a pet from India : Every country has different rules and regulations for import of pets from India. Email at info@petfly.in & We hope to return your query in a max of about 72 hours. We try to keep ourselves upto date with all the rules & regulations.

More and more of us are now traveling with our pets - after all, it doesnot seem like a real vacation if we are not all together. Whether it is a trip from one state to another within India, one country to  other countries worldwide, many people are enjoying their trips with their pets each year. To have our pets join us, however, takes some real planning, especially the first time traveller.

You must contact your veterinarian to obtain and prepare the necessary certificates, including (if you are going to travel internationally) obtaining the additional signature of a Govt. Official Veterinarian on the health certificate. Finally, always verify all information with the official representative of your destination; the State"s Dept. of Agriculture or the Country"s Consulate/Embassy, as well as finding out your originating state or country"s rules for re-entry.

Although most countries allow you to enter with your pet, some countries impose restrictions to dissuade you from last minute and short-term visits. Sometimes it may be a better choice to leave our pets with a caring friend or neighbor.

Call the Embassy or Consulate of your destination country to confirm while you are planning your trip. They are usually very helpful and provide you with the most up-to-date requirements and additional advice for traveling with your pet.

Ask the Embassy or Consulate about quarantine policies. If quarantine is required, ask them where the local containment areas are, whether you will need a reservation and what the cost will be.

Ask Embassy or Consulate what the required documents are, where you can obtain the necessary forms and whether you may use your own veterinarian to certify them or whether you need to have them certified by a veterinarian or official from the country you will be visiting.

Ask Embassy or Consulate about vaccinations, tests required, and the procedure for clearing customs.

Always check with your home country to find out what the re-entry requirements are.

Tell your home Embassy/Consulate where you are traveling to, how long you will be staying and ask what the requirements are for reentry. They also may have useful information regarding traveling with your pet on their website.

Exporting your pet  to the United States:

a) Your pet should be completely vaccinated.Rabies should be given at least 30days or within one year.

b) Get a Vet Check up done of your pet and you will need a Veterinary Health Certificate from authorised Veterinarian.The Health Certificate should have all the details of your pet.

c) Get your pet checked for Screw Worms.

d) Get a rabies certificate from your Veterinarian.

e) If your pet is travelling as unaccompanied cargo,you need a certificate from the Quarantine Office of your region, under Ministry of Agriculture,Govt of India.It"s mandatory.

f) Your pet should be free from ticks and fleas and should be dewormed.

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