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Travel / Relocation Services for Pets

The difference is “care”

Shifting from Mumbai to Flevoland, Netherlands had Surbhi in high spirits. At 12, she was as excited as her parents to see a new country. But their happiness was short-lived as when they bought tickets to travel, they were told that their lovely little poodle cannot fly with them. According to a common European norm, it had to be vaccinated first. And that’s when they called us, for the dog was allowed to take the trip only after two months and they wanted someone to take care of it till then. We took the poodle under our care, offered a comfortable stay, got all the documents completed, bought a kennel and made sure that the dog was delivered right at their doorstep. The result – an unimaginable dose of happiness for a family that had lost all the hopes of ever seeing their pet again. Our point-of-difference is that we actually “care”. 

Moving to another city, state or country with your pet can be stressful. From paperwork to the transportation, flights and adjustments – the list is huge. We make it easy to do it all with our professional knowledge, relevant experience and up-to-date facilities.  

Whether you’re only looking for a consultation on relocation requirements or want to avail the benefits of our comprehensive pet relocation service, we're here to help. Our deep concern for animal welfare, flawless coordination with authorities and vendors, and affordable rates are ideal for every kind of pet relocation. So we invite you to explore our site and learn more about the unique services that await you at PetFly.

Our Promise

Your pet’s care and comfort are central to our every effort; and at every moment we’ll treat your pet like one of our own. Our staff consists of vastly experienced die hard animal lovers. We follow strict rules, and make sure that the transportation is in accordance with the all the regulations. This is our promise to you.


I cannot find sufficient words of gratitude and appreciation to thank you for all you did for Xixi and for all you do altogether for so many people and animals. It was SO reassuring to have your splendid support in Delhi in so many ways, joining immaculate efficiency and know-how with genuine love and care. The paperwork you gave me was immaculate, and even though I had a really difficult customs officer on arrival who was so fastidious that he made us miss our connecting flight, he could find no fault with any of the paperwork (though he tried) - it was all in perfect order. But above all, it''s the personal touch you add that makes all the difference in the world. Sending pictures, showering Xixi with your own love and care, and more. It''s not just a ''service'' or splendid ''efficiency'' you provide. It''s also your heart! Can''t thank you enough and can''t even imagine how anyone can do all this without you. Please just keep doing what you do for a very long time. We are all so fortunate to have you there!

Tashi Ronald Colman
Nova Scotia, Canada

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you and your whole team for your professionalism and your kindness. I highly recommend your services to anyone wishing to relocate with their pets. I was very anxious at the idea of making my two cats travel in the hold but your assistance at the airport and regular updates with photos until the plane took off was a huge relief for me. I think your company is one of the best in the world. Once again, thank you so much. I wish you all the best. Kind regards, Sandrine Leopold

Sandrine Leopold

I am writing this, to convey my thanks to You and especially to off the stage team handling Laaila & Dhoni during their journey. It needs more than just money to handle lives, so thank you so much and bless you all, I will always be thankful for your love and care for kids. And also, Will be elated to host you if you are crossing by England.

Squadron Leader Preeti Bisht

What to say about petfly.. a world class service! This would be the best to describe about petfly. When i was in a deep thoughts of relocating Ruby from Hyderabad to Sheffield, it was a nervous moment. And, i have been suggested to Petfly services. I still remember the day i was skeptical while drafting an email to petfly whether theybwould be helpful to relicate Ruby. The turnaround time was very little and the response was quite apt. The mail response was quite informative. And, me being in UK, was just nervous. But, the support provided by Dr.Premalatha and Dr.Choudary was priceless. At first, i was quite tensed as i am not available in person during the transit. But, was guarantee(established based on the care taken for Ruby) by petfly staff made be stay with peace of mind. Success comes not just with the leaders but also due to their team players. Thanks a ton to Mr.Sandeep and Dinesh ji for all your tremendous support for making Ruby''s travel a cakewalk.

Kiran Kumar Buthpur
Sheffield, United Kingdom

Dear, Dr. Premlata Choudhary and all your staff. Hi how are you? I apologize for my late thanks. Thank you so much for your team support this time. YODA, She was a little nervous at first but after arrived in Tokyo, She was being calm down. She looked no fear at the time. I think She had a no stress during on the flight . Pet fly team were professional they treated us be a vip customer :) I am strongly recommend your clinic and this service to my Japanese friends who living in Delhi.

Ayumi Morris Nakaishi
Tokyo, Japan

Hi Andrea/Lenny (PetTraveller Australia) Catherine/Emma (PetAir UK) and Dr. Choudhary/Sandeep (PetFly India), Thank you for taking care of Baci in Australia, the UK and India. He is home with us at Auckland now, very tired and happy. Here is a photo of him sleeping with one of his toys. I will share more pictures once he gets accustomed to the new place. We are grateful to you for being with him in this journey, and for making us feel not too far and away from our child. As his family, we relied with our hearts on your teams expertise and care. I am writing this mail to express our heartfelt thanks for all of you together because for us, this was one long travel and you all collaborated directly or indirectly to help us come to this day. Once again, thank you. You all would remain in our hearts and thoughts as friends who looked after our kid when we could not and to plan things we could not.

Rashi Saxena

Dec 28

PetFly Has been awarded BRAND OF THE YEAR in Animal Travel Services

Nov 5

PetFly Attended IPATA 41st International Conference of Professional Pet Shippers

Jul 11

Dr. S.K. Choudhary from PetFly Awarded PANAV BIO-TECH AWARD OF EXCELLENCE

Jul 11

IPATA 2011 Excellence Award Presented to PetFly

Jul 11

ATA Animal Welfare Award to PetFly

Jul 11

Petfly attended IPATA International Conference(23-27 Sept 2016) at Kuala Lumpur Malesia

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