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Travel / Relocation Services for Pets

The difference is “care”

Shifting from Mumbai to Flevoland, Netherlands had Surbhi in high spirits. At 12, she was as excited as her parents to see a new country. But their happiness was short-lived as when they bought tickets to travel, they were told that their lovely little poodle cannot fly with them. According to a common European norm, it had to be vaccinated first. And that’s when they called us, for the dog was allowed to take the trip only after two months and they wanted someone to take care of it till then. We took the poodle under our care, offered a comfortable stay, got all the documents completed, bought a kennel and made sure that the dog was delivered right at their doorstep. The result – an unimaginable dose of happiness for a family that had lost all the hopes of ever seeing their pet again. Our point-of-difference is that we actually “care”. 

Moving to another city, state or country with your pet can be stressful. From paperwork to the transportation, flights and adjustments – the list is huge. We make it easy to do it all with our professional knowledge, relevant experience and up-to-date facilities.  

Whether you’re only looking for a consultation on relocation requirements or want to avail the benefits of our comprehensive pet relocation service, we're here to help. Our deep concern for animal welfare, flawless coordination with authorities and vendors, and affordable rates are ideal for every kind of pet relocation. So we invite you to explore our site and learn more about the unique services that await you at PetFly.

Our Promise

Your pet’s care and comfort are central to our every effort; and at every moment we’ll treat your pet like one of our own. Our staff consists of vastly experienced die hard animal lovers. We follow strict rules, and make sure that the transportation is in accordance with the all the regulations. This is our promise to you.


I travelled to US 3 months back in Lufthansa with my 5 yrs Labrador. And I am glad I had Pet fly. I heard about many pet relocation agencies who make your pet fly to different destination but I guarantee this is the best with incredible service. I always had a fear about the process, my pet’s safety, his comfort, airline policy etc etc. But right from the day 1, Pet fly took care of everything that I could have thought of. Sonia (Director of pet Fly) made my life easy when I talked to her for the first time. She explained everything and I felt my pet is in safe hands. When I reached New Delhi Station with my pet, there was a team of Pet fly to escort me and my pet to a pet friendly hotel. Next day I was taken to Delhi airport where Sonia was there right from the beginning doing the needful. I had no botheration for boarding pass, my luggage, immigration etc etc. I still remember my flight got delayed for 2 hrs but Sonia was there till the end. It’s like a complete service with no hiccups and can never be forgotten. At times When you are panic and afraid, you need someone who can embrace you, do some magic and take all fear from you. Pet Fly did the magic. The kind of assurance I got from pet Fly, it built a confidence that made me my pet travel to US.

Payel Nag

We have reached UK safely and so have our furry babies Diesel and Kaiser.They are in perfect shape and adapting to their new environment. We shall always be indebted to you for the tremendous service you have rendered.The day we met Sonia Madam with our query on how best we can relocate with our dogs ,till yesterday when we were finally here ,we have got the best of services from you .The best advice possible and the best management possible.Without your guidance and support this would not have been possible. Looking forward to work with you in the future as well.


We collected Gazi sucessfully yesterday afternoon. The process was very smooth and Gazi behaved wonderfully on our 2 hr drive home. He was very frightened of our dogs to begin with but after a good nights sleep and a hearty breakfast they are warming to each other. Gazi has just spent an exciting hour playing with his own reflection in a full length mirror in the bedroom (he thinks he is very handsome) and as you can see from the now enjoying a little nap with his cuddly monkey. We will take some video as the days progress and keep you updated. Thank you for everything you have done. He is the sweetest little soul.


We used Pet Fly’s relocation services to move our dogs in 2 batches to the UK. This was in July and August of 2017. We had a really professional experience which started 3 months in advance – from microchipping our dogs & conducting the tests to identifying the right airline (Luftansa in our case) to even identifying the right UK dog handlers (Pets on Jets). Sonia recommended getting our crates about 6 weeks in advance to give our dogs time to get accustomed and I think that is a must do for your dog’s comfort & security while he travels. For almost 24 hours, the crate & its contents (a few toys, a tshirt or dress of yours in addition to the mat) is his or her only bit of home. Our dogs didn’t leave the crates till we picked them up even with the doors open. The Petfly team offers door-to-plane support on the day your travels and has a very professional and caring team that feeds them, walks them and even cuddles them at the cargo terminal. Photographic updates all the way till the plane takes off allows you to be part of the journey and gave me a lot of comfort. We would highly recommend their services for other pet parents.

Paul & Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe

I traveled with my cat Samson from Canada to India; I can state this with confidence that without Petfly''''s services it would not have been possible to relocate Samson. From the very beginning Sonia meticulously guided me through the application process. She helped me gather all the correct documents. Once I landed at Delhi airport with my cat, I realised how crucial was the airport assistance which the Petly team offered. They took good care of both the cat and the owner :). Their help at the customs clearance was very much needed. After that I was suposed to fly with Samson in cabin of Air India from Delhi to Kolkata. For this purpose , I was assisted by the Petfly team trio: Sandip, Dinesh and Hiralal. They helped me regarding baggage check in,security check in and even taking permission from the flight captain to allow Samson to travel in cabin. Sandip was with me till the boarding gate. I can assure anyone reading this testimonial; without the airport assistance it would not have been possible for me to travel with Samson in Air India. Believe me when I state that the entire service is worth every penny. Thank you Sonia! Thank you Petfly! You made it possible for my cat to be with me halfway across the globe.

Nillohit Mitra Ray

Ollie has arrived in London safe and sound. I would like to thank you and the entire team at Pet fly for taking such good care of him. I am so impressed at the way everything was handled at your end. Very professional.After that it was just smooth sailing all the way. I am extremely grateful to Sonia for taking such good care of him.Once again ,a big thank you.

London, UK

Dec 28

PetFly Has been awarded BRAND OF THE YEAR in Animal Travel Services

Nov 5

PetFly Attended IPATA 41st International Conference of Professional Pet Shippers

Jul 11

Dr. S.K. Choudhary from PetFly Awarded PANAV BIO-TECH AWARD OF EXCELLENCE

Jul 11

IPATA 2011 Excellence Award Presented to PetFly

Jul 11

ATA Animal Welfare Award to PetFly

Jul 11

Petfly attended IPATA International Conference(23-27 Sept 2016) at Kuala Lumpur Malesia

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