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The difference is “care”

Shifting from Mumbai to Flevoland, Netherlands had Surbhi in high spirits. At 12, she was as excited as her parents to see a new country. But their happiness was short-lived as when they bought tickets to travel, they were told that their lovely little poodle cannot fly with them. According to a common European norm, it had to be vaccinated first. And that’s when they called us, for the dog was allowed to take the trip only after two months and they wanted someone to take care of it till then. We took the poodle under our care, offered a comfortable stay, got all the documents completed, bought a kennel and made sure that the dog was delivered right at their doorstep. The result – an unimaginable dose of happiness for a family that had lost all the hopes of ever seeing their pet again. Our point-of-difference is that we actually “care”. 

Moving to another city, state or country with your pet can be stressful. From paperwork to the transportation, flights and adjustments – the list is huge. We make it easy to do it all with our professional knowledge, relevant experience and up-to-date facilities.  

Whether you’re only looking for a consultation on relocation requirements or want to avail the benefits of our comprehensive pet relocation service, we're here to help. Our deep concern for animal welfare, flawless coordination with authorities and vendors, and affordable rates are ideal for every kind of pet relocation. So we invite you to explore our site and learn more about the unique services that await you at PetFly.

Our Promise

Your pet’s care and comfort are central to our every effort; and at every moment we’ll treat your pet like one of our own. Our staff consists of vastly experienced die hard animal lovers. We follow strict rules, and make sure that the transportation is in accordance with the all the regulations. This is our promise to you.


Our cat has arrived safely and we picked her up at the airport without any problem. She has settled well although she is not eating much at the moment but I suppose it is due to the travelling. I''ll update you in a few days. Thanks a lot for the service you have performed. We have been very happy with your efficiency and will surely recommend your company in the future. Kind regards Emmanuelle


We certainly looking forward to see Jack. As I said before, we are extremely happy with your services and help in relocating Jack, really much appreciated. We especially appreciated the regular feedback of Jack’s movements, truly professional, thank you!! From our side, we will for sure recommend you to all our friends. Best Regards,

Wilfred Moore
Johannesburg,South Africa.

Firstly, let me take this opportunity to inform you that Chocos has been released now from the quarantine facilities and is now safe, warm and cuddly in his own bed at home in Singapore. We are glad to have the most important member of the family back with us once again. This good news is testimony to all the hard-work and efficiency demonstrated by Ms Sonia Nandal, who was my guide and support as we transitioned from India into Singapore. In my interactions with her, Sonia consistently demonstrated many strengths and here I have listed just a few that stand out. 1) Handling of paperwork : Sonia was always on top of the various amounts of paperwork required by the various authorities in Singapore and in India. For chocos exit out of India, she handled the blood-work, advised me on next steps with the airlines, tied up details with the Singapore agent. All in all, I did not have to be concerned about managing small details which otherwise would have caused a nightmare. 2) Customer friendly: Sonia was by my side as we encountered issues with boarding the Jet airways flight I had initially been booked on. She took charge and provided comfort and support as we sorted out the airline issues before boarding our next flight. She ensured Chocos was looked after during this trying time, ensured I was taken care of, provided moral support and was there with me from 6am until 9pm that night ensuring both myself and chocos were in good hands 3) Followup: Sonia consistently followed up with the Singapore agent and myself to ensure Chocos was securely back home. Overall, I am impressed with the efficiency and sensitivity displayed by Sonia. I am sure she is an asset to your company and I wish her much success Regards Audrey Dsouza

Audrey Dsouza

Thank you again for all your help! Entry into Czech Republic was easy. They looked at the documents but seemed mostly interested in chip number and registration number. No problems at all. The dogs were fine when we arrived. Confused but fine. We are now settled in and it is a big change for them. Very quiet here!! Ciccio seems happy and wants to bounce around all the time. His problem is he sees all other dogs as a threat so growls furiously at any passing dog. He will have to get used to that. Bella is looking a bit sad. She is older and can''t understand what has happened I think. Anyway I expect she will settle down with time. Anyway thanks again for your efficiency and kindness! All the very best Chris and Maria

Chris Brandwood
Prague, Czech Republic

Thank you Sonia and team in making sure chocos reach his new home safely. This was the first time we relocated with him and I was very pleased that your whole team took care of chocos at all the stages of custom and immigration very professionally. Chocos is still getting used to the new place and he has taken up swimming lessons here which we feel will help him get into a routine. Thanks again.

Abhay kinra/Charu kinra

We have arrived safely in the U.S.! Your team was such an asset and provided us with all of the tools that we needed for a smooth transition. Sonia was incredibly patient and professional at the airport! You have a wonderful team and using your services was the best decision for us. Thank you again, and I plan to send a photo of Yoda with her new brothers and sister!


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