About Petfly

We are an international pet relocation service based in India. 

Ipata Petfly International Pet relocation service

This is why we make your pet relocation seamless

We know Your Pet Is An Important Part Of Your Family

As an IPATA awarded and IATA accredited agent, Petfly is the most professional pet relocator in India and we work together with you to relocate your pet safely, anywhere in the world.

We will take the guessing work out of what can be a very complicated procedure of relocating your pet. Many years of experience and tens of thousands of happy pets and owners: join us and start shipping your pet with Petfly.

Petfly has relocated more than 20.000 pets worldwide

Petfly has its own veterinary clinic and offers you an all in one service

Petfly is the only pet relocation company in India that has an entrance inside Indira Ghandi International Airport.